The Electronic Municipality of Bazbina

The Electronic Municipality
Bazbina Municipality

Under the patronage of HE the minister of state for information technology Mr. Adel Afiouni, and entitled by The Electronic Municipality,   Bazbina’s Municipality launched ist website by the name of “The Electronic Website”, attended by the Chief Department of the Awqaf in Akkar Al Sheikh Malek Jdeideh, Metropolitan Basilyos Mansour represented by the Father Gerges Bitar. Sheikhs: Bashir Abed Alkader, Khaled Ismail, Ali AlSahmarni, and the Fathers Ayoub Nehme and Omar Koussa. Their Exellency the deputies: Hadi Hobeich, Dr. Tarek Al Merhbi, Walid Al Baarini, the former minister Talal Al Merhbi, the Judge Riwa Chedid, member of the political office in tayyar al watani el hor Jimmy Jabour, consultant of the HE Njib Mikati.

and also attended the Director of al Azem wal Saada Movement Office in Akkar Dr. Haissam Ezzeddine, Coordinator of the Future Mouvment in Akkar The lawyer Khaled Taha, Bussiness man Mouhammad Chedid, vice president of the Merehbi Community the Lawyer Wassim AlMerehbi, the Doctor of Akkar Government Dr. Hassan Chedid, Heads of AlJoumeh Municipality and the council memebers, Bazbina’s Mayor Ahmad AlAli, the Engineer Issam Abed Alkader the head of the Monitor Jury in Future Mouvment, the Engineer Afif Nasim the Coordinator of the councils of the primary sector of the districts in Tayyar al Watani el Hor, Director of the institute of Tekrit the Engineer Ziad AlSaneh, Director of Bazbina School, Director of Kidergartens, director of the Center for Social Affairs in Bazbina, Dr.Youchaa Khoder and the civil society actors in Bazbina.

Mr. Tarek Khabbazi the Head of the Bazbina Municipality delivered an address where he welcomed everyone and emphasized on the municipality plan to accomplish leadership projects that promote transparency and facilitates on citizens to obtain documents and public services.


a small simulation was present by Mr. Karim Chedid the owner of Akkar Media agency  the developers of the website,  explaining the website features and services provided by this website, and a video showing Bazbina and its strategic projects. Then he called the minister Afiouni to press the launching button of the website, and he delivered a short speech where he stressed on the importance of scientific development in the field of information and public electronic service, he expressed his admiration for the region, pointing out that the ministry is newly established and it will develop its services, which will depend on it, and he congratulated Bazbina on the project and encouraged its dissemination.
In the end a trophy was presented to HE Mr. Afiouni and President Mikati, then the cocktail was opened.
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